Oktaform is a desktop app made to help folks deal with multiple Okta tenants and generate terraform.  IT IS NOT AN OFFICIAL OKTA Solution and it is an AS IS Product, so use at your own risk!  If you are cool with that, then download!  Happy terraforming!

Video by Pressmaster from Pexels

Install Terraform

You will need to have terraform installed on your Mac before downloading the Desktop App.

Move to applications Folder

Move the application to the application folder for your

Open the app and Add your okta info

Go into your Okta and get an Api Token and then provide your okta url and api token in the modal when you click add config

Get Migrating

Add another config like in step three, and then select the configs from the dropdown.  The left dropdown is for the source you want to pull data and the right is target of where you want that data to be migrated